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Development Site Request

Welcome! If you have completed Etudes training successfully and your institution is a client of Etudes, you are eligible to receive hosting and support services. You may request development sites using this form. For 'live' term sites, contact your DE staff.

If you don't have an instructor account in Etudes, but you are eligible, your account will be established when you request development sites or when your staff requests live term sites for you. At the same time, you will be added to the User's Group for support.

Please submit a separate form for each development site you need installed.

Your Information:
Your First Name:

Your Last Name:

Your Email Address:  (be sure it's typed correctly)

Your Institution: 
(If you are approved to run an Etudes Pilot, please choose "Individual")

Last FIVE digits of your SSN:

Course Site Information
Subject Abbreviation: (i.e. MATH, ENGL, AJ, etc.)

Course Number: (i.e. 101, 1A, etc.)

Eligibility/UserID Verification
When did you complete Etudes training (approx)?   (dates/location)

Do you have other sites on our servers?  No    Yes  

If you have an Etudes login, what is your userid? 

Enter your FULL employee id at this institution *

*The employee id is critical data to verify your account in the system and must be absolutely correct. Please include all digits of your employee id and verify that it is correct. If you include incorrect information, you won't see the dev site when you log on with your Etudes instructor account for the above institution. If you don't know your employee id, please contact your college's Human Resources office or your Distance Learning office. This information may be included in your pay stub, as well.

Please allow five days for the installation of development sites, minus weekends and holidays. You will receive an email confirmation when your sites are installed. Thanks. 




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